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Baseball Apparel

a164345-thumb.jpgWhether you're looking for casual wear such as tee shirts, sweatshirts or baseball caps, or outerwear, Ballplayers have the attire to keep you comfortable and looking great all game or practice long. Our Baseball Apparel accessories include belts, compression shorts, leg sleeves, thermal hoods, and undershirts. Outerwear is essential for players to keep warm during the game. When your body is not warm, your muscles become tight and can lead to serious injury. Player Pants must meet the required uniform rule. Obeying the uniform rule leads to success in the game. The traditional baseball pant is still worn in modern day games. A ribbed elastic waist band provides comfort while the bottom cuffs are elastic as well in order to be as close to the legs as possible. This ensure the pant leg to be easy to tuck into the sock without extra fabric. The sock must be high. This is part of the uniform requirement. It also serves as an extra layer for warmth. Keeping your calves warm is very important during the game to prevent cramping.  Protection is essential when your out on the field. Men are required to wear cups for protection. We provide various sizes depending on your body type. Ballplayers also provide heart guards. Our Baseball Apparel section has a wide variety of items that will satisfy any baseball player.