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Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger has been a leading manufacturer in the baseball business since 1884. The Louisville wood bat is the most used by major league baseball players today. Such stars as Hanley Ramirez, Joey Votto, Derek Jeter and Evan Longoria . There are quite a few bats to choose from in the line including the M9C271,M9M110, M9T141 and the P72 just to name a few. Louisville Slugger also carries an selection of baseball gloves for all ages. They make a youth model designed for the little slugger called the Genesis model all the way up to their pro model called the flare. Louisville is also a leading manufacturer in alloy and composite baseball bats. The Exogrid one of the top performing bats has been a name heard around baseball from little league to college for years. They also have won college championships swinging the Omaha which has been a staple in their line. Carrying round this equipment is easy, just try any one of the baseball bags  offered like the Louisville Hoss bag or for easy carrying one of the Louisville bat packs.