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It has now been over 100 years since Mizuno unleashed its knowledge on the baseball community. If you know baseball you know Mizuno should be the tag line. Mizuno baseball products cover all facets of the game. Their many glove lines such as the Mizuno Classic Pro Series Gloves, Mizuno Franchise Series Gloves, Mizuno MVP Series Gloves and the Mizuno Pro Limited Series Gloves are some of the best gloves on the market today. With youth gloves starting at around forty dollars up to the pro gloves for around three hundred it is very easy to find a glove of your liking. If your looking for a wood bat it doesn't matter whether you are looking for maple, ash, bamboo or composite Mizuno has what your looking for. The footwear is beyond competition, from the Mizuno Coaches and Training Shoes, Mizuno Metal Cleats, Mizuno Molded Cleats, Mizuno turf trainers, Mizuno nine spike Cleats or the runbird sliders Mizuno has what your looking for. To carry your equipment around you can choose from any of the Mizuno player, wheeled, catcher, or duffle bags and for easy carrying try the Mizuno batpack.